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Aria  Aradia  Nista
Aria  Aradia  Nista
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Aria  Aradia  Nista

Mixed Media Art

In the creation of her sculptural pieces, Aria utilises extensive processes on different materials such as fine copper and silver, wood, Japanese urushi lacquer, paper  and stone clays with the aim to recreate an appearance of decay that has never been conquered before.

Each piece draws inspiration from the natural world, with the impermanence of life and Nature being a central theme.

Here, the artist brings together iconic alchemical and mythological elements like the cosmic egg, symbol of all life and origin of the universe, with clear signs of decay and death, creating a natural feeling of fragility and ephemeral transience.

This work draws on natural forms and hollow shapes. The artist juxtaposes intriguing shadows with naturalistic but vibrant colours and textures, creating metal pieces that are extremely lightweight, fragile and still malleable.

Aria finds herself drawn to the intricacy of textures and colours found in nature, from the soft green landscapes of Japanese moss to the veins and irregular textures of decaying leaves.

Inspired by the Eastern concept of wabi-sabi, the artist creates objects that transmit to the viewer feelings of fragility and the beauty of the imperfect and incomplete together with deep reflections on ageing and death.

In Pagan and Zen beliefs, old age is valued for its wisdom and dying is accepted as part of life, as necessary and welcome as birth.
 For all those who choose to live life wisely, reflections on death can show the right direction and the right choices.
Death has a meaning only when combined with a renewed glance at our life.
 This way, a meditation on death and impermanence can reflect a meditation on our existence.

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