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Aria  Aradia  Nista


Aria creates exclusive jewellery in 18ct gold, sterling silver, diamonds and Japanese urushi lacquer that celebrates the beauty and fragility of Nature.

The artist's metalwork knowledge and experience are deeply rooted in Italian and European traditions.

Her hummingbirds, bumblebees, fruit bats and harvest mice are all hand-carved directly into gold or silver blocks to beautifully decorate landscapes of forged stems and tropical flowers.

Japanese urushi lacquer of the finest quality is painted directly onto gold to give each piece a refined and naturally elegant look. On average, twenty to thirty layers of lacquer are applied to each piece.

The stems are all hand-forged to create natural, soft curves that remind us of the Art Nouveau style.

Using all natural materials, the artist aims to reconnect the viewer with that deep link with Mother Nature that has been almost forgotten in contemporary society.

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